Wealth Building

Money, Money All Around But Sorry None For You!

Why are so many people struggling with attracting wealth and then others seem to be living money magnets? Do you think these money magnets are better people, work harder or deserve it more than you. None of the above are true but I can tell you these individuals do things differently than those who struggle with making or attracting money.

One difference is wealthy individuals have embraced a prosperity consciousness. By this I mean they believe they are successful, they believe they are wealthy, and they believe there is enough wealth for everyone.

Individuals who struggle with money are stuck in a scarcity mentality. They don’t believe there is enough for everyone… they believe they will never achieve the wealth they desire and unfortunately if they continue with this mindset they will be correct.

Another habit wealthy individuals have is they engage in activities that will create wealth… they run businesses, they buy assets that produce passive income, they save a percentage of what they earn and then they invest it in other wealth producing activities.

Individuals who struggle with their wealth continue to work at a job they hate and where they get compensated for their time. Remember “JOB” stands for “Just Over Broke.”

Now some individuals who make a lot of money still struggle because they spend all they have and then some. If you love your job you still need to use a percentage of your wages to secure assets that produce passive income.

Remember…you must change the way you view wealth and your activities if you truly want to achieve abundance in your life.

I am faithful if you begin changing your mindset and your daily habits… you too will attract the wealth you desire.

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