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Get Rich Quick by Making $10 Dollars a Day

The title of this article may be a little perplexing. How does one get rich making just $10 dollars a day. Well, as you will see this is not a play on words or some sort of trick gimmick. You literally can get rich quick if you can make just $10 dollars a day, but there’s a catch (isn’t there always?)

There are two types of money, wage money and solutions money. Working in a job will get you hourly wage money. This is where you work an hour, get paid an hour. You will never again be paid for that work once you have been paid for it. Solutions money on the other hand is not connected to time. Solutions money is about offering appropriate solutions for markets or places with demand.

The entire planets corporate world makes their money as solutions money and pay their staff trickle money or wage money. This is how big money is made. Solution money has one major aspect to it that can make you rich very quick. Solutions money is often passive or residual income.

If you can make just $10 dollars a day in this way and not in a job which leads nowhere, you can make a fortune very quickly. The reason why I say this is because if you can make just $10 dollars a day in solutions money, you can utilize leverage and therein lies the rub. You have absolutely no leverage potential in an hourly paid job. But create just $10 dollars a day on a residual basis and you can duplicate and replicate that $10 dollars a day into $100,000 dollars a day or more. Make sense?

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