Government Assistance For Single Parents

What sort of government assistance for single parents can you find? Due to recent economic problems, the government has been creating various aid programs to help people who have run into economic troubles the past couple years. Now a disclaimer here. There are no guarantees that you will get the funding that you need, but if you look around, you may be able to turn some stuff up. As a disclaimer, be vary wary of any website that offers to give you guaranteed government single parent grants. Such things DO NOT EXIST. These websites are scams.

As far as some legit programs that can give parents some help, here are a couple.

For School

If you are a parent attending college, there are some programs that offer aid. You will want to apply for federal financial aid, which can give you access to federal student loans and federal grants for students. This is the first thing you should do when seeking out funding for college.

You can also look online to see if there are any scholarships or grants offered. These programs can give you a bit of an income boost if you qualify. General government education grants or scholarships for single parents are sometimes offered, but you may have to hunt these down. Remember, in additional to state grant programs, you may be able to find national grants that target your needs. Look around to see what you can find.

For Housing

If you need help paying rent, you have a couple options. You can look at getting federal welfare, which may provide you with some rent assistance of sorts (depending on the current policy in place). There are also a few housing assistance/voucher programs that you can apply for online.

General Assistance

For general assistance, you can look at getting federal welfare. But don’t just limit yourself to looking around for government grants for single parents – there are plenty of PRIVATE grants and financial aid programs you may be able to turn up too.

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