Personal Finance
Finding Your Financial Advisor

Finding a trusted financial advisor was already hard. Recently, the court of appeals reversed the pending Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule confusing financial consumers even more. It is critically important [ … ]

Top Three Things You Should Do After Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery can be a very overwhelming experience, especially if you are dealing with millions of dollars in earnings. Being handed over that kind money will naturally tempt you [ … ]

The Best Place to Exchange Currency

When you are travelling outside your home country you are going to have to exchange your currency for the one that is used in your destination country. It is always [ … ]

The Psychology of Retirement

Where Did the Idea of Retirement Come From? There was a time when someone went to work at 16 years old, worked for 50 years at a company, and then [ … ]

Personal Loans
Student Loans
How to minimize credit card debt

Do we really need a credit card? Amidst this very uncertain economic situation, definitely YES. Contrary to what many people portray, credit cards are helpful when used wisely. Credit card [ … ]

Credit – Your Current Situation, Part 2

By applying for credit or loans only when you actually need them, shopping around for the best deals you can qualify for, then paying your bills on time, you’ll stay [ … ]

Cheap Credit Repair – How to Find Legitimate Credit Repair Companies

The fee charged by a credit repair service will give you an idea about its legitimacy. A genuine company will charge you small fees for its services. Whereas a fraud [ … ]

Credit Habits

Think of your self as a tree. Your knowledge, preparation and wisdom being the root of the tree. The leaves are the results of the things that you did with [ … ]

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